Is ( completely free to use?
Yes, it is ! You dont need to pay for your ts3 server. However you can help us to build up a better and stable infrastructure by upgrading to Premium package. Your donation is used to keep the service stable and networking ready for your server.

What is the uptime for the TeamSpeak 3 Servers?
We can offer 99,98% uptime, it is possible on our cloud powered platform. However if you’re not VIP there is NO SLA guarantee. We will do our best to keep this project stable.

Why can i not change the banners of my Teamspeak 3 Server?
Unfortunately it is not possible. To make our project more popular we need to advertise our project on your server. If you want to change your banner check out our Premium Servers.

Can i change the server name after server creation?
Of course, your admin token will let you manage your server however you want. Change your server settings anytime and feel free.

How to became Partner?
If you have website connected with IT or gaming, you can contact us to talk about cooperation. Please take into account that we can’t accept all websites without content or without visitors.

How to Remove the Banner without to paying?
If your Youtube Account has more than 1K abonnements, and you like to Promote our Website, you can Contact our Support Team

Is the Ts3 server permanent?
Yes, you have to be online once a week. Otherwise your server will be deleted at sunday in the week you were inactive.

Why is my Server Deleted?
We have an automated script witch is removing all servers with the past 7 days nobody connected.




You have more questions?
Contact our support.

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